“YoUth GroUp”
The youth Group

Click here if you want the Transgender Awareness Workshop 101 Slides

Group activities encourage our young people to cultivate lifelong, meaningful friendships and encounter supportive resources that will help them throughout their lives. Among the group’s annual activities are a BOND Camping Experience, overnight lock-ins at the Fellowship, leading a Sunday Worship Service and participating in a Summer Service Project Trip. Our Youth Group is also a chalice circle, which meets every 2nd Sunday to deepen their relationships with each other and to grow spiritually.

Here is a free and accepting environment for senior high school aged youth to gain experiences, life principles, and the skills they need to become confident, and compassionate adults.

The YoUth GroUp is a positive environment where it is safe for young people to share feelings, opinions and beliefs.

Terry Vodery

Developmental Director of Religious Education
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark

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