“CHALICE CHILDREN”preschoolimage

Each week, we provide activities that give our 3-5 year-olds a sense of belonging. Our themes center around our Fellowship as a safe and welcoming place where young and old can make friends and have meaningful experiences. We engage the children in conversations about their experiences, and learn about each other through stories, sharing, and lighting our chalice each week.

Children develop their motor skills through play and through unique arts and craft projects! Most importantly, our teachers, who are familiar with early childhood development, provide comfort and encouragement within a Religious Education setting. Here, your child will learn and thrive in a creative environment where imaginations soar!

The preschool class meets in Fahs Hall room #3.

Terry Vodery

Developmental Director of Religious Education
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark

420 Willa Road | Newark, DE 19711-2997

Office: 302.368.2984 |Cell: 302.367.6533

www.uufn.org | dre@uufn.org