“THE SUPERHEROES”1st and 2nd grade class

In this class, children use their own “Super Powers” as they learn, live and grow ethically and spiritually. Teachers begin applying our Unitarian Universalist principals on a level that children can understand. Teachers use storytelling, arts and crafts, songs, and interactive games to facilitate an environment of fun, trust and learning.

The curriculum used in this class is entitled “Around the Church, Around the Year,” and focuses on helping children feel that they are part of our Unitarian Universalist Community. Through this curriculum, children learn and begin to understand the faith and practices of Unitarian Universalism. The program deals with the children’s experiences of life and death, the environment, human relationships, and personal identity in age appropriate ways.

Led by a committed group of volunteer teachers, our Superheroes gain an appreciation for Unitarian Universalist people, buildings, rituals, and celebrations. They also have fun becoming friends with their classmates!

Terry Vodery

Developmental Director of Religious Education
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