Our vibrant and thriving Religious Education (RE) program provides a wide variety of rich opportunities for learning to guide faith development in children, youth and adults.

We serve everyone!

Here, you will find opportunities for learning that suit every age group from pre-school to senior adults. Our programs range from Sunday morning classes for children and youth to service projects and activities, to movie nights, workshops, and class meetings that explore theological concepts.

Our RE Team
RE Volunteers and Staff

We value our principles.

Together with a wonderful group of volunteers, instructors, our leadership committee and our minister, we engage in an ongoing process of imparting ways (through experience, learning, and discovery) to live out our Unitarian Universalist principles.

We are program of ministry and support.

Supporting parents and guardians as primary spiritual teachers of their children…
Supporting teachers and volunteers in their passion for creating an environment conducive to learning…
Supporting our fellowship in educating spiritual seekers inspired to promote a just and compassionate world…

We are a welcoming program.

We encourage and respect diversity of religious thought, and responsibly open the way to a healthy pursuit along whatever path (spiritual or not) an individual may be inclined to take.  Whatever your age or religious perspective (or, lack thereof), YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!
Stop by for a visit. Check out the wonderful programs we have to offer.

It is our joy to serve you!

Terry Vodery

Developmental Director of Religious Education
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark

420 Willa Road | Newark, DE 19711-2997

Office: 302.368.2984 |Cell: 302.367.6533

www.uufn.org | dre@uufn.org