Many opportunities for learning, socializing, and social justice work…

I struggled to find a place where I could explore my spirituality, then I found UUFN. It’s a place where you feel welcome if you’re Christian, but also if you’re Jewish, or a Buddist, or an Atheist or a Pagan! And most especially if you’re exploring your options! So many wonderful members to meet. If you’re new consider coming a little early to enjoy a coffee before service. It’s a great way to get to know a few members in a small group setting. There’s time for visiting after the service as well. If Sunday Service is not for you, there is a Zen Meditation on Wednesdays and many other opportunities for learning, socializing, and social justice work.

Anne Green

The UUFN Community is Special to Me.

My wife and I were married by Rev. Greg Chute in 2000.  We chose a UU minister so we could craft our own vows that did not center around the judeo christian mythos.  Since then we have both been coming to services, serving, and enjoying the community of like minded people.  This is a place that grows on you, as you grow into it.  Welcome.

Alan Coffey