Congregational Leadership as Spiritual Practice

Congregational Leadership can be a Spiritual Practice, if we make it so.  Our guest speaker will be Rev. David Pyle.


Other UU ministers have addressed this issue before.  It is timely that Rev. Pyle will touch on it this Sunday, as we re-assemble our leadership teams.


Lessons in Right Relationship From a Horse

Relationships are hard. And yet we have committed to being in community by committing to a fellowship. How can we get through our struggles and remain in right relationship with one another?  Sarah Gonzalez shares lessons she learned about right relationship from her horse.

Connection, Gratitude and FUN

The RE Program – committee, teachers and children – will be sharing our joy of learning together and being together with our beloved congregation. Join us for a morning of connection as we celebrate our religious education teachers and spend time remembering what’s really important. … read more.

What Worship Means to Us

Our UU members often ask some variation of this question, “Why do we call our Sunday service worship if professing the same belief in God is not the central uniting principle of our faith?” This service is by way of a response to what is … read more.

Wisdom and Where to Find It.

Where do you go to find solutions to moral or ethical dilemmas, or for help in dealing with emotional and spiritual challenges?  How do you define wisdom?  Have you tried fortune cookies, Dr. Oz, astrology, religious texts, the Magic 8-Ball, Poor Richard’s Almanack, or the … read more.

Afraid of Church?

Afraid of Church?

Did you know that there is a condition known as “ecclesiaphobia?” It’s a real diagnosable condition that is characterized by shortness of breath, shaking, resistance to anything that looks like a church. How do you know you’ve got ecclesiaphobia? Do you have ecclesiaphobia … read more.

Realizing the Dream

The advances of the Civil Rights era of the sixties have not eradicated the racism that is a cancer eating the fabric of our society. This service explores how Barbara Love’s concept of a “liberatory consciousness” can help us realize the dream of Dr. Rev … read more.